REGINA -- Saskatchewan commuters can expect to see STC buses back on the road should an NDP government be elected.

NDP Leader Ryan Meili said on Monday his government would revive the service and consult with communities on how it should look.

“We’ll get to work right away with community consultations and design for community needs,” he said. “STC is part of that economic infrastructure, and it’s important for seniors, farmers and families.”

The Sask Party government shuttered the bus service in 2017 after saying it was too expensive to operate.

Meili, however, said the service is vital for many people, especially those in rural communities.

“We hear about it all the time, especially in rural Saskatchewan, where seniors move to Regina or Saskatoon when they want to stay living in Nipawin or Turtleford,” he said. “A farmer can’t get parts, so they’ll go into the city for an appointment.

“It hurts people in the lower wage scale who have a harder time affording a vehicle. They can’t get around anymore and hitch-hike.”

Meili deflected a question about the cost of bringing back STC, only to say it’s important infrastructure for the economy.

He charged the Sask Party has broken promises in the past by selling STC and other crown assets. He warned people should be wary if they are re-elected.

“When they show you who they are, you should believe them,” he said. “They’ve told people to buckle up for austerity … how much worse is it going to get under a Sask Party government?”

In a statement, the Sask Party said the NDP is using scare tactics “in a desperate attempt to save their failing campaign and divert from the $4 billion hole in their election campaign.”

It said a Sask Party government would not raise taxes, not privatize crowns, and will continue to make investments in services and crown utilities.