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Sask. NDP to elect new leader in June


The Saskatchewan New Democratic Party is set to elect its next leader in late June.

The party’s executive met on the weekend to discuss the process, however, an exact date for an election was not set.

The race is open to current NDP members as well as people who wish to join the party and run.

“Someone from outside the party who wants to get involved, you might have a mayor or a First Nations leader who previously hasn’t been involved in a political party directly who could join and put in their documents and ask for permission to enter the race,” said Tim Williams, provincial secretary of the Saskatchewan NDP.

“What you‘ve probably seen is that candidates are doing the work behind the scenes first to see whether they’ve got the support to build a team. I think what candidates do when they want to go public is they usually want to be ready with an impressive launch."

So far, no candidates have announced their intention to run, but veteran Regina MLAs Trent Wotherspoon and Nicole Sarauer have said they are not interested.

Both said they would support MLA Carla Beck should she decide to run.

“To make a difference in people’s lives, we have to build a party that can win,” Sarauer said in a tweet Sunday.

“[Carla Beck] is the best person to bring people in, build them up, and replace Scott Moe.”

Saskatoon MLA Betty Nippi-Albright also said she will not be running.

Registration to become a leadership candidate will require:

  • being a member in good standing of the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party;
  • providing the signatures of no fewer than 100 Saskatchewan NDP members, half of whom are women or gender diverse, from at least twenty provincial constituencies;
  • providing a non-refundable registration fee of $4,000;
  • receiving approval from the Saskatchewan NDP to seek the leadership and;
  • limiting campaign expenditures to a maximum of $200,000.

Ryan Meili announced his resignation as leader of the Saskatchewan NDP on Feb. 18.

Meili first assumed office on March 3, 2018. Top Stories

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