REGINA -- Saskatchewan’s premier is looking for guidance from the federal government on what restrictions will remain in place for fully vaccinated residents, as the province approaches its second dose rollout for the general population.

Speaking Tuesday, Premier Scott Moe said he would like to see recommendations from Ottawa in advance of the majority of residents becoming fully vaccinated.

“Pretty soon we are going to have a lot of people in Saskatchewan that are fully vaccinated. So I would like to see the federal government provide some guidance and possibly some direction, and maybe even a roadmap, on what being fully vaccinated means,” Moe said.

Second doses are expected to begin for the general population by the end of May. The province expects to have all Saskatchewan residents fully vaccinated by the end of July.

“Now I understand we’re not at that point today, we’re still a couple weeks away from that point, but I would like to see the federal government start to provide some of that very clear guidance on these matters as soon as possible,” Moe said.

The premier noted travel restrictions, quarantines and potential vaccine verification as areas that need clarification.

“Is the federal government going to develop some sort of electronic verification that you have that indicates that you have been fully vaccinate, for those people that may be necessarily traveling abroad?” Moe asked.

Nationally, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country will have enough doses for everyone to be fully vaccinated by September, and a “one-dose summer.”

“A one-dose summer sets us up for a two-dose fall, when we’ll be able to talk about going back to school, back to work, and back to more normality,” Trudeau said.

No official guidance has been issued by the federal government surrounding the COVID-19 risk facing Canadian’s that have received one or two doses.

Saskatchewan will enter the first step of its “Reopening Roadmap” on May 30, after achieving its target of having 70 per cent of residents 40 years and older vaccinated with a first dose, as of Sunday.


With files from’s Rachel Aiello