Saskatchewan’s premier is set to visit China for the first time over the next week.

Premier Scott Moe will embark on the week-long trip Saturday to showcase Saskatchewan’s food, fuel and fertilizer sectors and explore trade opportunities between Saskatchewan and China.

“I think it’s important for us as a provincial government to be there to ensure that the Saskatchewan industries that we have are represented within the state governments and the national government of China, with respect to the reliability of the products that we can supply,” Moe said.

The premier will be joined on the trip by around 20 people from the Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership.

“China has become about a three and a half billion dollar export market for our province, and we will be engaging there to preserve and expand the opportunities that we have there,” Moe said.

The premier is also set to discuss Saskatchewan’s use of carbon capture and storage, and advocate the use of Canadian uranium in China as an energy source.