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Sask. TikTok star 'Bella Brave' receives outpouring of support after return to hospital


TikTok star Bella "Bella Brave" Thomson, who has shared her medical journey with millions, is once again receiving the public’s support after developing a serious infection in her lungs.

Bella’s mother, Kyla, shared an update Wednesday on her daughter’s stay at the SickKids Hospital in Toronto.

“There has been a rapid fibrosis like deterioration of Bella’s lungs. They believe it could be an immune response,” she explained.

“Bella is in a medically induced coma. She’s stable and that in itself is the improvement for now.”

Thomson was born with a mutation of three rare diseases that’s left her with no immune system. In late 2023, Bella received a life-saving bowel transplant and spent four months recovering in hospital.

The 10-year-old’s latest medical battle follows an incident in March that saw her hospitalized in Saskatoon.

“Lyle and I talk to her, I play music for her and we are reading her all the cards, letters and messages you’ve all sent,” the message continued.

Among the more than 15,000 comments on Kyla’s last update were countless wishes of support.

“Though she be small, she is mighty! All my prayers sent Bella and your family … BELLA STRONG BELLA BRAVE!” read one comment.

“Praying for Bella and for you and the rest of your family, mama. She’s Bella BRAVE for a reason,” read another.

In her update, Kyla went on to thank those who have followed Bella’s medical journey and urged everyone to keep her little warrior in their thoughts.

“We are praying and believing we have stopped the fibrosis attack on her lungs, in enough time, that still allows her lungs to heal and function again,” she said.

“This wait is beyond unbearable.”

Bella and Kyla have gained a following of more than seven million on TikTok and nearly 340,000 on Instagram through sharing the Bella’s experience with her multiple medical conditions, including Hirschsprung’s disease. Top Stories

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