REGINA -- Saskatchewan is expected to receive 1,950 doses of the approved COVID-19 vaccine, from Pfizer- BioNTech on Tuesday.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority said Monday, it would conduct a “dry run” of the vaccines distribution at the Regina General Hospital. The practice is part of the Vaccine Delivery Plan.

In a release the SHA said “The dry run was intended to not only find areas for improvement, but also as a teaching tool to create and refine processes that can be templated and shared throughout SHA.”

The first doses to arrive will go to healthcare workers in ICUs, emergency and COVID-19 units at Regina’s Pasqua and General Hospitals. Some quantity of the immunization will also go to staff of COVID-19 testing centres.

Recipients of the pilot will receive a second dose 21 days following the first dose, during Phase 1, set to begin near to end of the month.

The province said it expects 202,052 doses of the vaccine in the first quarter of 2021, and that widespread access should begin in April.