REGINA -- Saskatchewan residents who want to avoid physical polling stations can start the Vote by Mail process for the October provincial election

Those who choose this alternative voting method can use it for both election day or the five-day advance voting.

Residents interested in voting by mail must first complete an application.

Voters can apply online by uploading a copy of their ID. Voters have until October 15 to apply using the online tool.

Voters can also apply by calling 1-877-958-8683 to have an application sent by mail. The resident would then be required to fill out the application and mail it to the Elections Saskatchewan head office in Regina or scan the application and email it to

If a voters application to vote by mail is approved, they will receive a voting kit which includes a ballot and a postage-paid envelope. The ballots can be mailed back as soon as they are received and filled out. The kits are expected to be mailed out around the end of September.

Voters must have their vote by mail ballots delivered to Elections Saskatchewan by noon on Nov. 5, 2020.

Additional staff has been hired to handle the anticipated increase of mail in vote applications.

“During these uncertain times, we want to make sure the public knows about this additional option for voting, particularly to those who feel there is a health risk,” Chief Electoral Officer of Saskatchewan Michael Boda said in a press release.

Absentee voting was offered in the previous provincial election, with about one per cent of voters (4,420 absentee ballots out of the 434,244 total votes cast) choosing to mail their ballot in. It’s also an option often used by students studying outside the province and people visiting warmer locations.