REGINA -- Eleven SaskTel stores across Saskatchewan will no longer accept payments from customers in-person, starting next month.

Around 600,000 bills are paid this way annually, but SaskTel said that represents only five per cent of all payment transactions.

Only the Prince Albert bill payment counter will remain open.

“Customers can pay online, they can set up e-bill, go to, they can pay at a financial institution. There are so many other payment options,” said Michelle Englot, a SaskTel representative.

The stores themselves will remain open to sell phones, and staff that used to accept payments will be redeployed to those duties.

"That's what the store is all about and that's what we want the reps to be focused on rather than taking bill payments,” said Englot.

SaskTel also accepts bill payments on behalf of SaskPower and SaskEnergy, but those programs will also end as of December 16.