The biggest T-rex fossil ever discovered is now on display at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum.

Visitors to the museum will get to meet Scotty the T-rex, in a new, two level gallery.

The CN T. rex gallery will feature audio of Scotty’s roar as an adolescent and adult, and interactive text panels detailing his injuries.

“The Royal Saskatchewan Museum has been an icon in our community for as long as almost any of us can remember,” Canada’s Minister of Public Safety Ralph Goodale said. “It is the perfect place to showcase the largest meat-eating dinosaur ever found in Scotty's home province. We’re proud to support this anchor attraction in Regina.”

The government of Canada provided $472,000 through the Canada Spaces Fund, and CN is also a major sponsor the gallery’s naming rights.

The exhibit will also include an introduction to the smallest T-rex specimen and fossilized teeth from Scotty and other meat eaters.

Scotty was originally discovered in the Frenchman River Valley, near Eastend Sk., in 1991. He is the most massive T. rex ever found, and is bigger than any other meat eating dinosaur ever found.