Putting an end to a process that began three years ago, the last step in the renaming of Davin School was finalized on Friday morning.

The school, renamed to The Crescents School, unveiled two plaques on Friday morning hoping to help people remember its ex-namesake’s role in the discrimination of Indigenous people.

Davin School was named after Nicholas Flood Davin, an MP who submitted a report to the federal government in 1879 called the "Report on Industrial Schools for Indians and Half-Breeds."

He had been appointed by the Canadian Government to investigate American industrial schools for Indigenous children, and recommended similar schools be set up in Canada.

The words on the plaques feature text in both English and Cree detailing the history of Davin’s life and his role in residential schools.

Although this is the final step in the name change, “Davin School” will remain etched in stone on the front of the building.

The school hopes that along with the plaques will help educate people about Canada’s past and make sure it is not repeated.

“The goal is to not repeat history,” said Jillian Bussiere, the principal of The Crescents School. “What we need to do as educators and as parents and as a community is make sure that doesn't happen and to make sure that our students… are aware of what's happened in the past and can move forward in assisting that progress of reconciliation.”

The two plaques will be mounted before the start of the next school year, one outside the building, and the other inside.