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'The most pointless election': Sask. Premier responds to federal election results


After Monday's election, Premier Scott Moe is calling the election “pointless” and wants Justin Trudeau to get to work addressing the real issues facing Canadians.

In a statement posted to Twitter on Tuesday morning, Moe said “that was the most pointless election in Canada’s history.”

He cites the spending of $600 million of tax payers’ dollars by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and the five weeks spent ‘further dividing the country to arrive almost the same result.”

“This time and money could have been spent working to address real issues facing Canadians, including properly funding Canada’s chronically underfunded health system, working with provinces to increase vaccination rates in some of our hardest-to-reach communities, and positioning Canada and its provinces as leaders in the global economy,” reads the statement.

Moe concludes by urging the prime minister to act now.

Speaking to media, Moe asked Trudeau to make a different choice when it comes to supporting provinces and communities to push vaccinations, like in Saskatchewan's far north and remote commmunities where the vaccination rate is low and transmission is high.

"We do need the full support of the federal government in addressing the low vaccination rates that we have throughout the far north and in our Indigenous communities," said Moe.

"We need to work together and we're hopeful that the federal government will make a different choice and work with the provinces, not only with respect to pushing our vaccination rate in a number of commnities across this province and across Canada, but work with the province on being a full funding partner of our health care system in general."

Moe said it is "unfortunate" the election was called in the first place.

"We're going to have more of the same," said Moe of the Liberal minority government.

He said the majority of the people in this province do not want Trudeau to be their prime minister, and he will work with him when they can in support of the people in his province.

The message Moe is sending to people in the province is that we are all Canadians, and despite not voting for Trudeau, he represents us as prime minister.

"I would ask him as premier, on behalf of the people of this province of Saskatchewan, to work closely with this province of Saskatchewan, to quit putting forward these divisions like you did in the election campaign, like you have over the course of these last five years from time to time," said Moe. Top Stories

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