Food truck vendor Scott Mickel hasn’t received a warm welcome in Regina Beach since setting up his food truck in the resort community earlier this month.

After sorting out a by-law debate during a special Town Council meeting a few weeks ago, Mickel was getting ready to open up his food truck again when he found all four tires slashed.

“They say it’s a random thing, but if you can stick your fist in a tire like that – all the tires are like this – it’s kind of sending me a message that I have to leave Regina Beach,” said Mickel.

Mickel has been in a dispute with local business owners and the town council about whether he has a right to set up his food truck along the town’s Centre Street. There are no town by-laws prohibiting food trucks and the property owner he rents from is paying taxes. Despite that, Mickel’s had enough.

“Regina Beach can’t stop me from being here, but I’m leaving,” he said. “I’m moving from here, everything is getting out of here because this town is too much for me.”

Mickel added that he contacted RCMP about the incident and they’re investigating. He doesn’t think the vandalism was random – instead he feels it was a targeted attack.

“I know the law and with a commercial piece of property, there’s nothing the town can do and when they found that the town can’t push me out, my personal opinion, they took the law into their own hands and they’re out putting statements,” said Mickel.

RCMP declined to comment on their investigation.

The Town of Regina Beach also stated that they have no comment at this time.