Three men are facing charges after an early morning riot attack on two RCMP officers in northern Saskatchewan.

RCMP say 22-year-old Deano LaPrise, 25-year-old Randall LaPrise and 27-year-old Fabian LaPrise are charged with assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, arson, participating in a riot, obstruction and mischief.

The three men appeared in court in La Loche on Monday.

Another person was arrested in the investigation but hasn't been charged.

Police say the two officers were called to a fire outside a home in the community of La Loche last Friday.

While on the way to the fire, the officers were approached by two men on ATVs. One of the ATVs drove into the ditch and rolled as it passed the police truck.

When the officers approached the driver of the crashed ATV, they were surrounded by a group of people who were attending a nearby party.

Both police and paramedics were hit by beer cans, bottles and other debris. The mob torched the RCMP truck before following police to the local hospital, where they tried to gain access to the two officers.

RCMP called in reinforcements to disperse the crowd. No one was seriously injured in the attack.