REGINA -- Unifor has been fined $100,000 for violating an injunction that limited truck traffic delays into and out of the Co-op Refinery.

The injunction, which was issued in December, limited how long union members could block trucks.

In a court decision filed on Wednesday, a judge said the union "intentionally and deliberately disobeyed the order," resulting in the $100,000 fine.

On Wednesday afternoon, Regina Police Chief Evan Bray said he wants to meet with Unifor president Jerry Dias to open the lines of communication, in a video posted to Facebook.

"Just because you aren't necessarily seeing arrests being made at this very second doesn't mean that there [isn't] a lot of police work being done," Bray said.

On Monday, members of the national Unifor union travelled to Regina to join Unifor 594 members on the picket line. The union said they wouldn’t allow any traffic into or out of the refinery. National president Jerry Dias said the court order only applied to local Unifor 594 members, and therefore Unifor's national members could take over the blockade.

Dias, along with 13 others, were arrested by Regina police on Monday night. The arrested union members were charged with mischief and released. They're all scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 26.

The Co-op Refinery said Wednesday that it is "pleased with the court's decision finding Unifor in contempt of the interim injunction court order."

It's asking Unifor to comply and remove the blockade.

Unifor representative Lana Payne told CTV News Regina that "the dispute won't be decided in court."