REGINA -- SaskTel says union members will not be allowed to return to work before a collective agreement has been made, despite an announcement from Unifor that said union memebers would return on Tuesday.

In an emailed news release, SaskTel says it did not make the decisions lightly “but management cannot provide the desired level of customer service or maintain the integrity of our networks for the people of Saskatchewan with unknown and intermittent walkouts.”

Managers at the SaskTel Call Centre were to work Monday, but were blocked from entering by picketing union members.

“It takes the corporation up to 48 hours to mobilize the business back and forth to have the necessary processes, systems and accesses reinstated,” the release from SaskTel said.

This was the Crown corporation’s response to a proposition from Unifor that said union members will return to work, and only provide 24 hours’ notice before another walk-out.

SaskTel alleges “situations of configuration issues” happened last week during work to rule that may have had an impact on the broadcast of live event. It also alleges that fake orders were made that may have impacted service to customers.

SaskTel says it’s considering applying for an injunction to stop disruption of labour, citing the prevention of non-union employees from entering a workplace.

SaskEnergy and SaskPower says it's employees will be allowed to return to work to rule on Tuesday.