REGINA -- For a number of weeks Saskatchewan residents have avoided meeting friends in person, seeing family for dinner and even looked for alternative ways to celebrate Easter. Now that the province is set to begin re-opening, here’s how you can spend time with friends and family in a safe way.

Saskatchewan’s Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Saqib Shahab said those who are healthy can consider forming what he calls a “virtual household."

“Obviously if people want to interact we've had that discussions that you can make a virtual household of two or three households where everyone's well, everyone understands that you know there may be a bit of a risk if you interact,” Dr. Shahab said. “But try to meet the same people or the same household for the next little while. Don't randomly meet three new people every day. Because I think that's where the risk goes up.”

Shahab said that it’s important to continue practicing strict physical distancing rules while meeting with members of your virtual household.

“Is it okay for close friends family or a neighbor to come over and maybe have a barbecue in your backyard? I think it is,” Premier Scott Moe said. “If you practice good physical distancing to keep yourself safe, but also to keep those around you safe.

Dr. Shahab also said the idea of virtual households should also be carefully considered, based on the health of the people involved.

“I think it's really important for each family each household look at in terms of what is the situation. Do they have a family member who is at higher risk, either because of age or underlying health conditions?” Shahab said.

Moe said that personally, he has a son he hasn’t seen in six weeks.

“I'd love to have a barbecue with him and cook locally grown and processed steaks sooner rather than later. And I think we will,” he said.