After a tough financial year, Regina’s YMCA is looking for ideas on how to improve operations and ensure long-term sustainability. On Wednesday, the YMCA hosted a public meeting with it’s members, and community partners.

"It's just to share the information of what we've been working on over the last six months and what our options will look like in the future," Steve Compton with the YMCA said.

In 2018 the non-profit organization ran a $650 thousand operations deficit, which grew its long term debt to over $5 million

"While it’s not the result we're seeking, we are correcting and taking steps along the way by communicating these steps with our members and our staff," Compton said.

Last month Regina’s YMCA took over the daycare from the Moose Jaw YMCA.

News of the meeting is raising concerns for members who don't want to lose their community centre.

"They help people through all stages of life, I went to the Y's mom's program with my daughter, so yeah it's an important institution in Regina," member Megan McCormick said.

Compton is optimistic about the future and said there are no plans to cut services or close its centres. He hopes next week's discussion brings new ideas to improve the financial situation.