After nearly a year and 9,000 km later, Zayell Johnston of Yorkton is back home after walking across Canada.

His journey began as a bucket list idea when he started a backpacking adventure in Victoria in early February and began making his way east.

“Not a lot of Canadians see coast to coast,” Johnston said. “I mean, you can drive across the country, you could bike, you could walk, but no on every truly sees all of Canada in one go.”

His routine eventually became part of daily life. He’d start his journey at sunrise and would end his night looking for a safe place to sleep.

He documented his journey through social media, posting videos and picture only for him family back home.

Often battling the changing Canadian climate, Johnston said there were times of fear.

“(In) Manitoba, thunderstorms and heat waves, that’s when the summer hit so I enjoyed the heat but also was nervous when the thunderstorm would hit me.”

Based on reporting from CTV’s Alessandra Carniero