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Yorkton woman left breathless after winning $100,000


A Yorkton woman is still catching her breath after reporting a $100,000 lotto win.

Sask. Lotteries reported that Barbara McDougall won $100,000 off of her Crossword Cherry Tripler scratch ticket.

McDougall originally thought she had won a mere $10,000, but was blown away when she checked a second time.

“I was so excited I couldn’t sleep that night,” she said while claiming her prize. “I was shaking.”

McDougall went on to say her husband did not believe her when she delivered the news.

“I told my husband first thing in the morning when he woke up and he didn’t believe me,” she laughed.

After telling their children, the family celebrated the big win together, according to Sask. Lotteries.

“First things first, bills are getting paid off,” McDougall said.

Whatever winnings are left will be earmarked for family fun, according to the winner.

McDougall bought her ticket at the Mobil Gas Bar in Yorkton located on Highway 9 south. Top Stories

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