REGINA -- A Regina witch is speaking about her Wiccan faith to dispel misconceptions around this time of year.

"It's essentially prayer is what we're doing but we're using visual aids with it, which I think that's where people seem to get a bit intimidated is they see an altar," Michelle Jones said.

While most think of Oct. 31 as Halloween, Jones says many witches call it Sabbat.

"The veil is at its thinnest between our world and the spirit world, which is why many people will be like 'I'm sure I saw a ghost today,'" Jones said. "They can travel more freely."

Jones has been a practicing witch for the past 15 years, and says the religion is quite different than what's portrayed in popular culture.

"In Wicca, you don’t want to take away anyone's free will," Jones explained. "So doing a love spell, making someone fall in love with you is taking away their free will, so that will come back to you."

She also says witchcraft involves worshipping the spirit of the Earth.

"How Christians have churches, our circles give us that scared space,” she said. “Because we're an Earth religion, we want to as much as possible be out in nature when we're doing rituals and when we're worshipping."

Naomi Hunter is a believer in Earth religions. She too believes that the Earth has a spirit that needs to be worshipped.

"I believe that we have a deep spiritual connection to the earth and that all of us are called to look after the earth and I think that that encompasses everything about our lives," she said.

Jones says the religion is more common than you might think.

"You're probably working with one," she said.