An Air Canada flight travelling from Vancouver to Winnipeg was forced to land in Regina due to an emergency on Thursday afternoon.

The Regina Airport tweeted that the aircraft landed and emergency crews were at the scene.

Air Canada told CTV News the plane landed due to reports of smoke from a galley oven.

“As per our standard operating procedures, the crew diverted to the nearest airport as a precaution,” Air Canada spokesperson Angela Mah said in an email. “The aircraft landed normally, was met by airport response vehicles as per standard procedure, and taxi’d to the gate under its own power.”

The 146 passengers were all able to get off the plane safely.

Another aircraft and crew have been dispatched to Regina, Air Canada said. The flight will land in Winnipeg about six hours late.

"There are procedures to divert to other airports if the pilot decides that it’s safer to stop what they’re doing and fly to the nearest airport,” said James Bogusz, Regina International Airport CEO.

All other flights are operating normally, the airport said.