Kevin Florence has been riding his bike for as long as he can remember, and now as he begins retirement, he's on a mission to make cycling and exercise a part of his daily life.

"I'm enjoying, sort of, the next part of my life... the next chapter," he said. "Exercise is a big part of that."

Florence enjoyed riding around Wascana Park and said the bike paths are safe, accessible and highly utilised.

But in downtown Regina, cycling is a unsafe, and different story.

"The more you spend riding on the streets, you have to be very cautious and safe," he said. "You're not going to win the battle between you and a car."

This week is bike safety week and it's a time to prevent bike-related injuries by recognizing ways to stay safe.

Cara Zukewich is a child injury prevention program coordinator with the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute.

During bike safety week, Zukewich said the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute organized events at schools and in communities.

"This year it's super important to teach out kids about the rules of the road, about the importance of wearing their bike helmets when they're riding their bikes and keeping their bike in safe condition," she said.

Zukewich said wearing and properly fitting helmets are important.

"The two, V, one rules," she began. "Two finger from you eyebrows so the top fingers should be touching your helmet. You make a V shape with the strap around your ear. One finger between the strap and your chin. We teach them hands-on things like that, so they can take it home and teach the other members of their families."

Children aren't the only ones who need to follow the rules and pay attention to bike safety.

"Adults are definitely the role models for our kids," Zukewich said. "So we need them out there practicing the safe behaviours as well."