Students at Cornwall Alternative School will have to go elsewhere after funding was axed in the provincial budget.

Monica Garnier, Principal of the school says she’s very disappointed with the decision of the government. School faculty say it’s a decision that the 37 students of Cornwall School will suffer from.

"Not every kid fits the same here at cornwall, we just try to meet their needs," Rob Nixon with Cornwall School said.

In the past, the government provided grants to the school to keep it operational, but according to the province the cut isn’t about the money.

"This was never about the dollars, this was always about the students and where their needs are best met," Kevin Gabel with the Ministry of Education said.

According to the ministry the best way to meet the needs of the students is to reintegrate them back into the public and catholic school

"We've asked them to work with Cornwall Alternative School about making sure these students get transitioned back into the appropriate school with the appropriate supports in place,” Gabel said.

The opposition disagreed.

"It's a devastating impact, and it's a reflection of years of government underfunding education," NDP MLA Nicole Saurer said.

The Regina Public School Division did not want to comment on the reintegration of Cornwall students, but Regina Catholic School Division said the news came as a surprise, and they’re unsure how the transition will play out.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Stefanie Davis.