Linus Kaysaywaysemat was bitten by a Regina police dog while sitting on his sister-in-law’s porch last week.

"The dog lunged at me and bit me in the arm,” said Kaysaywaysemat.

“I felt him bite me a few times, I tried to flex my arm to handle the pain the best that I could."

Kaysaywaysemat says he’s not comfortable having his children go outside since the incident, and said his son saw the encounter.

"He said he seen that dog biting me in the arm and said when the dog let go the dog had bloody teeth," said Kaysaywaysemat.

But the Regina Police Service characterized the encounter differently during an afternoon press conference on Tuesday.

"I wouldn't say he was attacked by a dog, he was contacted by a dog,” said Regina police supt. Darcy Koch. “Attacked is not a term we use."

Since 2004, there have been four incidents in which a bystander was bitten by a Regina police dog. Two of those incidents happened last week. The first incident happened on July 4, when officers were training with one of the dogs when it bit a bystander.

Two days later, Kaysaywaysemat was bit when a dog and officers were looking for a suspect. Regina police said both German shepherds are up to provincial training standards and are still in service.

"(There are) roughly 400 arrests per year by that unit,” said Koch.

“I'm very pleased with the performance of our animals… I'm not taking away from these incidents at all. They're serious. We don’t want it to happen and we're going to take every step we can to correct anything we can correct.”

Kaysaywaysemat said since the incident, he hasn’t heard anything from Regina police, even though they have his contact information. Kaysaywaysemat showed up at the press conference on Tuesday hoping to get answers from police.

After the press conference, Koch and Kaysaywaysemat left to go talk privately about the incident. Kaysaywaysemat said Koch apologized to him for the incident.

"That's what family does, they take care of their own before they take care of someone else,” said Kaysaywaysemat.

“They're taking care of their family, I understand that."