Regina city council is considering updating on-street parking.

One recommendation is changing to pay-by-phone parking. The city’s bylaw will need to be changed to add the ability to allow residents to pay through their phone or with a credit card. There will also need to be changes to allow someone to park at a meter that is showing “time expired” if they have already paid by phone.

Council will also be looking at approving year-round residential curbside food and yard waste collection. A report to council says the move could move 20 to 34 per cent of residential waste from the landfill each year. The preliminary cost would be $3.5 million — and funding for the annual operation will be determined by council in their solid waste policy.

Weekly curbside organic collection could allow remaining garbage to be collected biweekly on a year-round basis. Organic waste currently accounts for 50 per cent of residential waste — and the move would decrease waste volume at the landfill by 18,000 tonnes.

If approved, a pilot project would begin in 2020 to test the new program.

Council will meet on Monday night.