REGINA -- The City of Regina is working to expand its process for capturing methane gas at the landfill.

The city has been capturing methane through 27 wells in the oldest part of the landfill. It will spend $3.2 million drilling gas wells in newer sections. The methane will be flared or used to fuel a 1-megawatt power plant – which would make the city money.

“It will definitely recover its cost and we will have profit in the end,” Greg Kuntz, manager of energy and sustainability solutions for the City of Regina, said. “Now it will take a few years to do that but it’s a 20 year lifecycle project and between seven to ten years is I think what we are expecting to see for payback on our investment.”

Traffic at the landfill will be rerouted until fall to allow for construction with the expanded project coming on stream at year’s end.

This project will take care of a quarter of the City of Regina’s greenhouse gas emissions but there’s potential to capture 25 per cent more.