WILCOX -- A local coach is expressing “extreme gratitude” after a unique show of sportsmanship from a competitor.

In a Facebook past, the Fort Qu’Appelle Bisons shared a message the team received from Notre Dame Hounds coach Matthew Zomer.

“Connolly, the trainer of our football team, is physically unable to play contact sports due to a medical condition. This stings even harder when his two brothers play hockey and baseball at our school,” the post reads. “Yesterday we were able to suit him up, name him honorary captain and have him lead us on to the field. This day was already more than he expected and he was excited to dress and stand on the sideline with the other guys, however he never expected to get into the game as he couldn’t receive any contact.”

The post goes on to acknowledge that, not only did the opposing team allow Connolly Gamble into the game, the team allowed him to have a shining moment and score a touchdown.

"Seeing him out there and cheering him on as he ran down the field and then seeing both teams plus the midget AAA hockey team that Connolly helps with as well running down the sidelines and jumping in there to celebrate with him at the end was pretty special,” Connolly’s mom, Aislyn Gamble said.

Four years ago, Connolly was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, a non-life threatening brain tumor, which meant he would never be able to play contact sports.

“What the video doesn’t show is your entire team rushing the field and celebrating along with Connolly. For that 1 minute he was on top of the world. Your team showed class and sportsmanship when they didn’t have to, and this allowed us to give a special moment that will be forever remembered by our team, Connolly and his parents,”

The Hounds sit at 5-0 so far this season, and Connolly says he's happy to have the chance to be a part of their success.