The Public Works and Infrastructure Committee proposed a change to garbage rates, at Regina City Hall on Thursday night.

The committee discussed a new funding policy for curbside waste services that would change how residents pay for their waste pick up. Currently, curbside recycling is paid for by a monthly fee on water bills. But under this new policy, a separate monthly fee would be billed to residents. Multiple sizes of garbage carts will also be offered, and residents can pay more for bigger carts, or less for smaller carts.

Making biweekly garbage collection permanent in the winter months was also recommended at the meeting. According to the city’s recent online survey, 61 per cent of residents were in favour of making the biweekly service permanent.

“The funding policy has been designed to motivate waste reduction and diversion behaviours. And what we want to be able to do is reward those residents that have worked really hard to divert as much waste as possible. But we also want to provide an incentive for others who need motivation to reduce the amount of waste they are producing,” said Lisa Legault, director of solid waste for the City of Regina.

These recommendations will be forwarded to Regina’s city council for approval on June 25.