The City of Regina is having a home be reviewed by a board before deciding whether to deem it a heritage property or not.

At a meeting on Monday, council voted to have the building known as the Cook Residence, at the intersection of Albert Street and Hill Avenue, to be looked at by a heritage review board as soon as possible.

Council previously moved to have the home deemed a heritage property, but now wants a review done.

At Monday's council meeting, it was heard the original evaluations did not take into account the costs of restoring the home.

The owner, Carmen Lien, said fixing the foundation would cost over $1 million, adding it would cost $3 million to bring the home up to code.

“I think it was the right thing to do. I think that they felt maybe they didn’t have all the information that they needed to make a proper decision about whether or not this has the significance that’s required to designate it as heritage, so we feel that that was the right decision,” Lien's realtor Karin Wees from the W2 Realty Team said.

“I think this is a good thing. We’re going to have people who have expertise in the area that will be able to address the considerations for designation. And then it will still eventually come back to city council,” President of Heritage Regina Jackie Schmidt said.

An architect also says the majority of the heritage elements need to be replaced, and hazardous materials are being disturbed in the home.