It’s a deal that has been years in the making, waste water in Regina will now be sold to Western Potash for use in its mine.

The decision was finalized at Monday night’s city council meeting.

This is the second time the city had attempted to make the deal; a previous attempt fell through just over a year ago because of a decline in potash prices.

The new deal also includes provisions that would allow for the sale of wastewater to any industry that might be interested at the price of about 27 cents per cubic metre.

Council also voted unanimously to rename the skate park on Rochdale Boulevard in honour of the late city councilor Terry Hincks, who passed away just over a year ago.

Hincks, who had been a counselor in Ward 9 for 13 years, had been a huge proponent of youth in sport.

There is no timeline for when the new name will be implemented.