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Councillors, MP meet to discuss controversial compost facility near Pilot Butte


Communication is opening up around the proposed compost facility near Pilot Butte – as councillors from the RM of Edenwold, Pilot Butte and a federal MP met to discuss the controversial project.

The meeting – convened by Regina-Qu’Appelle MP Andrew Scheer – focused on the location of the proposed facility, 1.6 kilometres from Pilot Butte.

The meeting was the first time that a council representative from the town and one from the RM have met privately to discuss the issue.

Scheer says his office has been flooded with calls from constituents concerned about the proposed composting facility.

“Largely this just about understanding why people are concerned and making sure that there’s local input and the residents in this area do have a way of having their voices heard,” he told CTV News.

Hundreds of residents attended recent public meetings where the location of the proposed composting facility was discussed.

It will process waste collected by Regina’s new green bins program.

“As town and council and representing members of the town – we’re strongly against having that facility be so close in proximity to the town of Pilot Butte for a number of reasons,” Pilot Butte councillor Scott Einarson explained.

“Starting just with the location of it being so close. We were concerned about the smell.”

Work at the compost facility has halted as the proposed development goes through the approval steps.

“We need to keep those lines of communication up and be hearing all the voices,” RM of Edenwold councillor Lisa Peters said.

“If its council, if it’s your federal government, if it’s your provincial government, the businesses in the area – we need to hear the voices. That’s why we opened up our public hearing. You have a voice, come share your thoughts.”

Final decisions on the project are unlikely by the start of Regina’s composting program on Sept. 4.

The city plans to hold the material at the landfill until a location is finalized and approved. Top Stories

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