A jury is now learning whose blood was found where at the murder trial of three men accused of the 2014 killing of Shawn Douglas.

DNA analysis expert Katherine Murphy was the lone witness during testimony on Monday.

She told the jury about her testing of various items seized by police the night the three accused – 23-year-old Johnathon Peepeetch, 24-year-old Joshua Wilson and 32-year-old Dennis Thompson – were arrested in Saskatoon.

Murphy says blood found on a hammer, a sledgehammer and two crowbars all tested positive for Douglas’ DNA.

Stains in the trunk of a car and on tissues found in that same trunk also came back a match for the 54-year-old victim.

Bloodstains on a pair of track pants worn by Wilson at the time of his arrest, and on a pair of shorts worn by Peepeetch, also tested positive for Douglas’ DNA.

However, blood on Peepeetch’s shirt and shoes came back a match to Dennis Thompson, and all blood found on Thompson’s clothing came back as a match to himself.

Douglas’ body was found in a rural area northeast of Regina in August 2014. The three accused were arrested in Saskatoon the same day.

CTV Regina's Dale Hunter was at court Monday covering the trial: