A Hungarian family living in Regina for the past seven years is staying in Canada for now, awaiting a court date to decide their future.

Christina Schiller and her two daughters are facing deportation back to Hungary, but the courts have ordered that her four year old son Jayden remain in Regina with his Canadian father.

"Right now we can stay until the court has made their ruling, and their ruling will decide if we stay or not,” Christina’s daughter Kiara Schiller said.

The family was scheduled to be deported at the end of January, after their visitor status ended, but after filing an appeal, they can now stay, while they await a court date.

If they can't remain in Canada, the family will have to leave her four year old brother Jayden in Regina with his Canadian father, as the courts have ordered.

"We would have to leave my brother behind, and under the un charter of rights, children’s charter of rights. Has the right to access to both parents and we would be very devastated to lose him,” Kiara Schiller said.

The federal government is aware of the situation, but has offered no public comment.

"It hurts me a lot, because this is my home. I consider this my home, not Hungary. I don't remember much about it,” Kiara Schiller said.

Kiara has started a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising the funds to afford a lawyer, since mom Christina only recently received a work permit, but now can't find work since she's facing deportation. As well, a Facebook support group exists for the family.

Kiara managed to get a letter explaining the family’s situation in the hands of the prime ministers staff while Justin Trudeau was in Regina on Thursday. She hopes it will make a difference as the family awaits a court date.