Trouble is brewing over the labels on some craft beers.

A Facebook post by Rebellion Brewing Co. called out Minhas Distillery for selling Rebellion brew without a label.

The post says it’s “downright flattering” that Minhas went to those lengths to sell Rebellion’s beer.

“We expect the best out of everyone,” Rebellion President Mark Heise said. “But, if you’re going to take advantage of that, then all bets are off, sorry.”

Minhas told CTV News it sold the beer without a label on the tap, alongside beer from two other competing brewers that were labelled. The company added the label for the Rebellion beer was being printed, and the owner figured no one would mind.

“I don’t know what the kerfuffle is about,” Moni Minhas said. “I am in the business of making friends with my customers. I’m not in the business of making friends with my competitors. If Rebellion thinks I am a competitor of theirs, well I say come on down.”

The Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority said it has received complaints about Minhas and that it is looking into those complaints.

The Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association (SCBA) said in a press release on Saturday morning that they are aware of the allegations of the misrepresented craft beer.

“We are very concerned and look forward to the outcome of the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority investigation. Hopefully it can be concluded quickly and the issue is resolved to the satisfaction of our membership,” said SCBA president Kari Stenson.