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From swallowing a mosquito to a hungry roommate, Sask. RCMP release 2022's strangest 911 calls


Saskatchewan RCMP released its annual list of the strangest calls it received in 2022, including someone who swallowed a mosquito and a complaint about a roommate eating all of their fast food.

Here are the RCMP’s top 10 calls that “missed the mark”:

  1. A caller asked operators if they knew the name of the polite RCMP officer who had served in their community. The caller was hoping for an update to see how the officer’s family was doing.
  2. 911 dispatchers received a call from a person who didn’t want to be on hold after being told they needed to pick up paperwork at their local RCMP detachment.
  3. A caller advised operators they had swallowed a mosquito, choked and lost their dentures, leaving them unable to eat supper.
  4. An individual advised they needed assistance deleting a voicemail off their phone.
  5. An individual called 911 to advise there was a cougar on the loose in their city. When the call-taker asked for details about the cougar, the caller laughed and said the cougar’s name was “Cindy.”
  6. A caller said they purchased $65 worth of fast food only to find their roommate ate the order. The caller requested an RCMP officer come and sort out the disagreement.
  7. A concerned individual called about a hostile cat and asked an RCMP officer to bring it to the local animal shelter for them.
  8. A dispute at a clothing store resulted in a call to 911. A customer was very upset with the manager of the store who refused to accept the return of already-worn winter boots.
  9. A caller said they were out of milk and requested RCMP officers pick some up for them.
  10. A concerned individual called 911 to say their bathtub drain was clogged and the water wouldn’t go down.

RCMP want to remind people calling 911 is reserved for emergencies only.

“Every moment that we are spending speaking with someone who is complaining about their shopping experience or wanting to prank call 911 is time that call-takers and officers could have been helping someone in a life-threatening situation,” said Lee Rosin, recruiter and training facilitator for the Saskatchewan RCMP Operational Communication Centre.

Saskatchewan RCMP received 352,854 calls for service in 2022. Top Stories

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