REGINA -- The University of Regina has released an outline of how students will be graded for the winter semester during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For each course in the Winter 2020 semester, students can choose to:

  • Finish the course and receive a numerical grade
  • Finish the course and receive a passing grade and receive a mark of CRC (Credit COVID-19)
  • Finish the course and not receive a mark of NCC (No Credit COVID-19)
  • Withdraw from the course

“We know some students are experiencing a higher level of stress and anxiety, along with concern that their marks may be negatively impacted as a result,” Provost Thomas Chase said in a news release. “At the same time, other students want to ensure that the work they put into their courses over the Winter semester is appropriately recognized with the numeric grade they have earned.”

Choosing CRC, NCC or withdrawal will not impact the student’s GPA. Students have until April 9 to withdraw from a course or until May 31 to apply for a grade of CRC or NCC.