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'Hometown feel for me': B.C. skip Catlin Schneider competing at Brier in home province


Catlin Schneider, who hails from Kronau area and currently resides in the R.M. of Edenwold, is competing for Team British Columbia at this year’s Montana’s Brier.

“My teammate before the game said ‘Blue and yellow makes green anyway’ so you know it’s the Brier. It doesn’t really matter how you get here, what colours you’re wearing. Here to win. Here to put the Maple Leaf on my back,” Schneider said.

Schneider is competing in his fourth Brier. He’s represented Saskatchewan on two occasions [2017, 2022] and even hopped over to Team Ontario in 2020.

He knows what it is like to not compete with a home province.

“It’s definitely a bit of a different feel for sure that we’re in blue. But it’s going to be a fun, good week regardless,” he shared.

“It’s going to feel more like a hometown, home team feel for me anyway.”

In 2017, Schenider was vice-skip for Adam Casey. In 2020, he played second for Matt Dunstone’s rink and in 2022, he served as third for Colton Flasch.

However, this year he’s taking on a new role at the Brier after being named the skip of Team B.C.

“That’s also a bit different. Really cool obviously, it’s a pride thing to wear it on your back. Obviously dad skipped the Brier back in the day, way back in the day,” he laughed. “It’s a different feel and more of a leadership role. But I’m excited for it and looking forward to a new challenge,” Schneider explained.

Catlin’s father, Jamie Schneider skipped for Team Saskatchewan at the 1990 Brier. He has coached Catlin on numerous occasions while he grew up in the sport of curling and was even his coach at the 2022 Brier for Team Flasch and now he has taken over as Catlin’s coach for Team B.C. this year.

“I was excited when they announced that the Brier was coming to Regina. I didn’t have a clue I’d be here, helping out the B.C. team but you know what? You take it where you can get it,” Jamie laughed.

It is clear that over the years the father-son duo has built a great relationship off and on the ice.

“I understand him, he’s a driven kid, and so I’ve learned over the years where to weigh in and where to hold off and just let him do his thing,” Jamie explained.

“He kind of knows what I need, what I like, and how to get me into my kind of best kind of head space,” Schneider added. “It’s kind of cool, he’s been to numerous Briers with me before so it’s a comfortable thing for me.”

Schneider noted the stands will be filled with a lot of friends and family over the week as they come to cheer on Team B.C.

“Obviously the goal, the whole year, no matter what happened was to get here, a bit of a selfish reason, in front of my hometown crowd and where I grew up,” he said.

“It’s kind of a pride thing for me so I’m really excited to be here.” Top Stories

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