An update on one of the most popular smart phones on the market features a tool that might help limit the amount of time people spend on their phones.

iPhones now offer a feature that tracks the amount of time on the device, along with giving people the chance to limit their time.

The screen time feature displays a running time spent on the phone, which could add up to more than people would like to admit.

Users also allow people to limit the amount of time they spend on certain apps, which can help adults trying to limit their own screen time or help parents monitor their child’s usage.

“If you check with your kids these days, it’s probably a lot of Fortnite, that will actually allow to see a window into your use or your child’s use of their phone, and also be able to restrict them so you can actually give time limits to particular apps,” said Alec Couros, a professor at the University of Regina.

Couros believes the app will be something used by many people who might be concerned by the amount of time spent on their phones.