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'It just feels right': Sabeen Ahmad returns to CTV Regina as weather and community anchor

A familiar face for many long-time viewers is returning to CTV News Regina.

Sabeen Ahmad will serve as the station’s weather and community anchor and will make her on-air debut on Monday, May 8.

Ahmad first worked with CTV News Regina in 2009 as a creative producer.

She then moved on to work in numerous broadcast journalism roles at various media outlets in Regina.

Ahmad then returned to CTV Regina in 2014 as a weather specialist, soon becoming co-host of CTV Regina Morning Live.

She left once again in 2018 to pursue other opportunities in Regina but said she was drawn back to CTV when a position became available.

Sabeen Ahmad rehearses ahead of her first live weather broadcast coming on Monday, May 8.

“It just feels right,” she said when asked how it feels coming back. “I don’t feel like there’s an adjustment period.”

“This is just like a worn in Nike,” she added.

Born and raised in Regina, Sask., Ahmad graduated from the School of Journalism at the University of Regina in 2008, having previously studied English.

Ahmad said she’s built several relationships with people in the community, which she still has throughout all the jobs she’s had.

“That was a huge draw to come back here that you get to be so embedded in the community,” she said.

She said since she left CTV, she’s still been involved in events within the city.

“I love it, I love the things that I’ve been able to see that have grown and expanded through our community, I love being a part of that,” she said.

Although Ahmad already gets the opportunity to emcee events currently, she said with this position, she’s most looking forward to being even more involved in the community.

“Being able to share stories or engaging with the audience and sharing their pictures and sharing celebrations, whatever the case may be,” she said.

Ahmad said CTV had always been a staple in her home growing up and she felt as though she has evolved with it in a sense, moving around from promotions to the morning show and now to weather.

Ahmad said she is interested in the weather because it’s a huge part of everyone’s day.

“You’re basically the person that’s letting everyone know how their day’s going to go,” she said. Top Stories

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