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#JustCurious: What pro sports teams used to exist in Sask.?

Saskatchewan has been home to a number of professional sports organizations over the years.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders may be the first to come to mind, they’re the longest lasting, but certainly not alone.

Today, the province is home to the Riders, The Saskatchewan Rattlers of the Canadian Elite Basketball League and the Saskatchewan Rush of the National Lacrosse League. But, let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

The Saskatoon Quakers football team. (Courtesy: Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame)

Bill Dunbar (left) was a member of the Saskatoon Quakers football club. The team played professionally from 1920-25 and came back in 1929-32. Dunbar was inducted into the Sask. Sports Hall of Fame (SSOF) primarily as a curler but also played rugby and football. Also pictured, is one of the team’s jerseys currently on display at the Hall.

The Regina Capitals. (Courtesy: Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame)

This is the logo of the Regina Capitals. The SSHOF says they’re not exactly sure which years the team wore this emblem but they were members of the Prairie Hockey League from 1926-28.

A Saskatchewan Storm basketball jersey. (Courtesy: Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame)

This is the jersey of the Saskatchewan Storm of the World Basketball Association. They played from 1990 to 1992 in the minor pro leagues.

Here is a comprehensive list compiled by the Sask. Sports Hall of Fame with the help of Matthew Gourlie, of all of the pro teams who have called this great province home:

The Western Canada Hockey League (WCHL) was considered a major pro league and it’s Victoria Cougars even won the Stanley Cup in 1925.


Regina Capitals – Western Canada Hockey League (1921-25)

Saskatoon Sheiks/ Moose Jaw Sheiks – Western Canada Hockey League (1921-22) one season (moved to MJ mid-season as they struggled at the gate, were back in Saskatoon next year with a new name).

Saskatoon Crescents – Western Canada Hockey League (1922-23) one season

Saskatoon Sheiks – Western Canada Hockey League (1923-25) two seasons

Saskatoon Sheiks – Western Hockey League (1925-26) one season – same league as WCHL, but new name.


Moose Jaw Warriors – Prairie Hockey League (1926-27) one season

Moose Jaw Maroons – Prairie Hockey League (1927-28) one season

Regina Capitals – Prairie Hockey League (1926-28) two seasons

Saskatoon Sheiks – Prairie Hockey League (1926-28) two seasons


Saskatoon Quakers – Pacific Coast Hockey League (1951-52) one season.

Saskatoon Quakers – Western Hockey League (1952-56; 1958-59) five seasons

Saskatoon/St. Paul Regals – Western Hockey League (1957-58) one season splitting home games with St. Paul, Minn. This arrangement only lasted a year and the Quakers returned the next season and played all of their home games in Saskatoon.


Moose Jaw Robin Hoods – Western Canada League (1909-10; 1913-14; 1919-20)

Regina Bone Pilers – Western Canada League (1909-10)

Saskatoon Berrypickers – Western Canada League (1910-11)

Regina Red Sox – Western Canada League (1913-14)

Saskatoon Quakers – Western Canada League (1913-14)

Regina Senators – Western Canada League (1919-21)

Moose Jaw Millers – Western Canada League (1921)

Regina Cyclones – North Central League (1994)

Saskatoon Riot – North Central League (1994)

Moose Jaw Diamond Dogs – Prairie League (1995-97)

Regina Cyclones – Prairie League (1995-97)

Saskatoon Riot – Prairie League (1995)

Saskatoon Smokin’ Guns – Prairie League (1996)

Saskatoon Stallions – Prairie League (1997)

Saskatoon Legends – Canadian Baseball League (2003)

The Saskatchewan Silver Sox played in the Arizona Winter League in 2009. The team played all of their games in Yuma, AZ but hoped to attract snowbirds as fans. Does it count? You can decide.


Saskatchewan Storm – World Basketball League (1990-92) minor professional

Saskatoon Slam – National Basketball League (1993-94) one season

Saskatchewan Hawks – International Basketball Association (2000-01) one season

Saskatchewan Hawks – Continental Basketball Association (2001-02) one season, minor professional

Saskatchewan Rattlers – Canadian Elite Basketball League (2019-present)


Prairie Fire RFC – Rugby Canada Super League (1998-2008)


Saskatoon Accelerators – Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League (2007-10)


Regina Rugby Club (1910-1923)

Moose Jaw Tigers (1910-13)

Saskatoon Rugby Club (1911-19)

University of Saskatchewan Varsity (1913-22; 1925; 1932-35)

Moose Jaw Robin Hoods (1913-15)

Moose Jaw Millers (1919-21; 1927; 1933-34; 1936)

Saskatoon Quakers (1920-25; 1929-32)

Regina Boat Club (1920-22)

Regina Roughriders (1924-1936)

Moose Jaw Maroons (1928-32)

Saskatoon Hilltops (1933-36)


Regina Roughriders (1936-1960) Top Stories

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