After nearly 100 days of camping out at the legislative grounds, protestors at the “Justice for our Stolen Children” camp were ordered to be out by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, but campers say they have no plans to leave.

That deadline passed on Tuesday evening, with campers still in place.

The province posted the eviction notice on Saturday, the provincial capital commission citing the trespassing act.

The group has been on site for 98 days now, motivated by verdicts in the trials of Gerald Stanley and Raymond Cormier. Both trials saw white men acquitted of crimes against indigenous youth. The protestors call the verdicts an injustice and are calling for accountability and immediate change in the justice system for indigenous people. The goal of the camp is to get politicians out of the legislative building to talk about these issues.

The provincial government has confirmed to CTV News that representatives from several government ministries have reached out to campers to set up a meeting, but they say the protestors were unable to find an agreeable time and location to make that happen.

So far, the government hasn't taken any action. On Monday, the deputy minister of central services said if the campers hadn't vacated by the deadline, the government would reassess the situation and decide what actions need to be taken next.