REGINA -- The pandemic has caused a growth in the sport of motocross, and a local club is eager to welcome the newcomers.

With more people looking to take to the track seasoned riders Denaye Arnett and Kennedy Lutz are offering classes at Millstone Raceway to teach new riders techniques.

Arnett said trying to buy a dirt bike right now is “almost impossible” and while the influx of new riders are welcome to the motocross family with open arms, they need to learn how to ride.

The classes, which were offered for small bikes, big bikes and women, filled up fast with racers looking to improve their techniques.

Jesse Stanley, nine, has been riding for six years and was still able to learn more at the school on May 15. He learned how to do corners and proper body positions on the bike.

Stanley’s classmate, Jens Vincent, 11, also enrolled in the class to improve his technique.

"[I learned] weighing the outside peg, some corner techniques, and elbows up and squeezing your bike," said Vincent, who has been riding since he was four.

Arnett said being able to ride properly is not only for the safety of the themselves, but also for the other riders as well.

"When they come out to the track and there's 20 other people out here they'll know how to ride the track properly, what to do if somebody fast comes behind them, so it's safety for everyone," explained Arnett.

Brandon Crane, president of the Yorkton Motocross Club, said programs like these are important and all clubs should offer them, even if it is just a few times a season.

"Technique, it leads to safety, you can think you're really fast but if you're not riding fast safe, you can end up hurting yourself," said Crane.

Crane said these classes also serve as a good confidence builder for everyone who comes out, which is something he recommends more people should do.

"You never know if you're going to enjoy it if you don't come out and try riding it."

Lutz agrees and said “once you buy your first dirt bike, you’re not leaving the sport.”

She and Arnett are also offering private lessons for those just getting involved with the sport and Lutz is happy to teach a new crop of riders what she learned growing up.

"Being able to share that knowledge is just it's something you don't know what it's like until you go through it."