REGINA -- Regina Mayor Michael Fougere says the local state of emergency declared on Friday no longer stands.

The mayor said that this means the maximum number of people allowed to gather in one place remains at 25, and not at five as the city indicated on Friday.

This also means that retail stores like clothing and furniture stores will remain open, and are not ordered to close.

On Sunday, the province clarified that its directives supersede those made by local municipalities.

“We would ask that they put more restrictions on that proclamation to ensure greater public safety,” said Fougere. “Retail stores will remain open until further notice. The province has said they will be tightening up their regulations, and we urge them to do it sooner rather than later.”

The city's declaration limited gatherings to a maximum of five people and said all non-essential retail locations would need to close. The province announced it would be limiting gatherings to 25 people on Friday.

The city is still going ahead with some ideas from Friday’s meeting, which include the deferral of property tax payments, relaxing the noise bylaw so companies delivering food or products with trucks don’t have to worry about what time they arrive in Regina.

All essential services are still operating in Regina, which includes water, waste water, snow removal, police and fire protection services.