MOOSE JAW -- Volunteers and officials for both the Scotties Tournament of Hearts and the City of Moose Jaw are calling the event a success.

For ten days Moose Jaw has been the centre of the curling world. More than 400 volunteers were required to make the 2020 Scotties a success.

"Everybody's been so nice, even the out-of-town people, thank you every time,” Volunteer Diane Therrien said. “When I was downstairs working by the curlers, they were thanking us for volunteering and making the event run smooth, so I think Moose Jaw has put on a good show."

It’s an event that officials say show the city can host major events.

"The level of competition that is inspiring the next generation of curlers and so I’ve got a seven-year-old that wants to get into curling and so there's so many of aspects of this, it's really good," Moose Jaw Mayor Fraser Tolmie said.

Attendance was down this week compared to the 2015 Scotties but organizers say Curling Canada has been pleased with how the week has gone.

“They've thrown out lines already, subtle, but they've thrown out lines,” Kevin Dedelly, Vice Chair of the Host Committee said. “They're looking to come back. We're in a little economic downturn here so our attendance is down a little bit, but the Heartstop Lounge has been busy every night, the bands have been fabulous, they've performed well, everybody here is leaving with a smile, so that's all we can ask.”