On April 7 a fan took to Twitter to deem their Roughrider stuffy lost.

“It is with sadness that I announce that green stuffy stuffy was last seen in a Niagra Falls parking lot,” the Tweet read. “And is feared lost for good.”

The fan, tweeting from the handle @MoBay_LA, likely wasn’t expecting what happened next.

“I don’t think we sell those at the Rider Store right now, but if you need a new stuffy let me know and I can go shopping for a new one,” Riders defensive lineman Zack Evans replied. “I know there are Rider lemurs, Rider teddys and Gainer stuffies. It’s not the same but it’s something. Let me know.”

The fan responded, seemingly thrilled at the offer. They said they would like the crochet bear with a #92 jersey, Evans’ number.

Evans said he has a four-year-old son, and understands how tragic it can be when a child loses a stuffed animal.

"I know how important those stuffies are to kids," Evans said. "I just said hey I'm at the stadium anyway so I can just go down and buy one."

He added that the interactions between fans and the team is important to him, having grown up in Regina as a Rider fan himself.

"All off season I've been going around to communities," Evans said. "It's really dear to our hearts to be involved in the community in any way we possibly can and I'm happy to do it."

It was a happy ending for a fan down on their luck.