REGINA -- Domestic violence victims in Saskatchewan will be able to break a lease early and without penalty if they're trying to escape an abusive relationship.

The Saskatchewan government has passed legislation allowing a tenant to end a rental agreement with 28 days notice if they or their family members are being abused by another resident or former resident.

Justice Minister Gordon Wyant says having signed a year-long lease will no longer factor into someone's decision to leave.

New Democrat Nicole Sarauer suggested the legislative change last June as a way for the province to quickly help domestic violence victims.

The amendments bring Saskatchewan in line with some other Canadian jurisdictions, including Alberta which passed similar legislation last year.

Statistics Canada says Saskatchewan has the highest police-reported family violence rate of any province at 489.4 per 100,000 people -- about double the Canadian average.

The legislation was introduced and passed in one day with the co-operation of the Opposition.