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Phone booth outside a Regina church intended to help communicate with missing or deceased loved ones


A new phone booth now stands outside of Regina’s Lakeview United Church. This particular phone is called a wind phone, and it is intended to be a way to communicate with a loved one who has died or is missing.

The idea came about after Kim Wilson and Betty Ann Pottruff attended grief classes at the church following the death of their daughter Michelle in 2022.

“We were trying to think of a way that would carry her on. I’d read about wind phones and so I thought well, I wonder if this would be something that would carry on how she liked to help people,” Pottruff said.

Pastor Carla Blakley was immediately in favour of the idea as she wanted to provide more tools for those experiencing grief.

“One more way to help them grieve. And it’s healthy to grieve, and we all grieve differently, it’s very unique so I was thrilled,” Pastor Blakley said.

A wind phone is intended to be a way to communicate with a loved one who has died or is missing. (Hallee Mandryk / CTV News) Following Sunday's service, an official opening of the wind phone was held, which included a smudging ceremony. For Wilson and Pottruff, it was a meaningful moment.

“I was going through all of my old text messages with her this morning and I think this is something she would have really liked,” Wilson said.

“This is for those who will find having his type of connection helpful in terms of having those conversations they never had or having conversations about, ‘Oh something happened today and I really wish I could’ve told you this,” Pottruff explained.

The phone is open for use to anyone needing the space to grieve. Lakeview United Church simply asks that folks are respectful of the space.

“I hope Regina uses this. It is here for you to come and talk to your loved ones and we are happy to host it,” Pastor Blakley said. Top Stories

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