Piapot First Nation’s youth are taking a stand for a drug- and alcohol-free community.

The band council on the Piapot First Nation, about 45 kilometers northeast of Regina, is following the lead from the youth of the First Nation.

Thursday morning, the student body and community walked to celebrate and support the resolution of a drug- and alcohol-free community.

Junior Chief Thomas Kaiswatum, who lost his mother to alcohol, was a part of the initial idea for the walk. He says he wants a safer future for his community.

“A safe environment for our community, our elders, our youth, our children, and for our future generation” Kaiswatum said.

The ban has been around for decades but has not always been easy to enforce.

“An open-alcohol fine would be $200, but in order to get a federal prosecutor out here to prosecute that infringement on that bylaw, it could cost upwards of $3,000,” said Piapot First Nation Chief Jeremy Fourhorns.

But Fourhorns believes the walk will make change within the community.

“Part of this comes from the community wanting to be safe; wanting the environment we have out here to be safe for all that live in it, as well as that come to visit.” he said.

The First Nation’s leaders hope to make the walk an annual event.