REGINA -- Saskatchewan Government Insurance says police across the province reported nearly 300 impaired driving offences in the final month of 2019.

In total, there were 295 impaired driving offences in December. Of those offences, 249 resulted in criminal code charges, SGI said in a news release.

Impaired driving continues to be the leading cause of death on Saskatchewan's roads. Police enforcement includes licence suspensions, vehicle impoundments, fines and jail time.

SGI also said December was the second straight month with fewer than average distracted driving offences. The cost of distracted tickets will increase significantly at the beginning of February.

Police reported 534 distracted driving tickets — 408 for cell phone use — last month. SGI says that's the lowest monthly total in 2019.

Police also issued 4,722 tickets for speeding and 309 tickets for improper seatbelt use in December, SGI says.