The family of a woman found fatally injured at the bottom of a laundry chute will meet with the Regina Police Service next week following an RCMP review into her death.

Nadine Machiskinic was found at the bottom of the chute in the Delta Hotel in January of 2015. She later died in hospital.

Police ruled the cause of her death as undetermined, and then changed their ruling to accidental. A jury at a coroner’s inquest last year changed the ruling back to undetermined.

Regina police asked the RCMP to look into her death and will present the findings from that review to Machiskinic’s family at a meeting next week. Chief Evan Bray says he plans to speak with the family about the review and go over some recommendations made to change Regina police policies going forward.

“It really spoke about how we manage major cases, predominantly ones that are not necessarily major crime investigations, but perhaps start out as a patrol investigation, but ends up being a serious or major crime investigation and how we manage those cases,” Bray told reporters on Wednesday.

Bray says the findings look at changes in accountability, timeline management and communication.

“There were some delays in the investigation which came out through the coroner’s inquest,” he said. “Those we have never hidden behind, those were mistakes in terms of not necessarily the outcome of the investigation, but were definitely time lapses that shouldn’t have happened and delayed the final investigative findings.”

Bray added he will share the findings once he has had a chance to meet with Machiskinic’s family.